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DS 7410 PTEX sticks
The above video will show you how to properly use PTEX to repair your base. *Includes 2-..
DS 7300 Season pass tune kit
  Kit includes- *Mini wax iron *Wax scrapper *Big block 1.1lb hard wax Ev..
DS 7000 Base Cleaner
*Orange citrus cleaner *4 oz spray bottle Helps clean and prepare your base for a fresh coa..
 Demon Complete tune kit DS 7700
Kit includes- *Edge tuner *Tuning stone *Wax scrapper *Flat file *Wire brush *Mi..
DS 7001 Speed paste wax
*Demon's special blend of all temperature rub on wax *Comes with re-useable container and ..
DS 7060 Black Gold Wax
  The Demon Black Gold Graphite wax is a high performance blend of Graphite and spe..
DS 7003 Spray wax
*Liquid wax *Spray on , let dry, buff off *4 oz bottle Quick application spray wax w..
DS 7050 HydroCarbon Wax
  This special ops formula was put together in Demon's clandestine wax blending roo..
DS 7010 Hard wax cold
  *133gm bar *Optimal use at or below 31F *Get the Demon mini iron and melt the..
DS 7020 Hard wax warm
  *133gm bar *Optimal use at or above 31F *Get the Demon mini iron and melt the..
DS 7070 Demon Hyper X blended for Universal temps
*1.1lb. bar Demon Hyper X *Optimal use at all temperatures *Get the Demon mini iron and melt ..
DS 7500 Mini wax iron
The Demon portable wax iron is perfect for tuning your own snowboard. It heats up fast, main..
DS 2116 Screw Driver tool
*Three way ratchet adjustment *Stores bits inside handle *Comes with extra binding hardware ..
DS 7007 Essential tune kit
  Kit includes- *Base repair kit *Speed Paste wax *Wax Scrapper *Hard wax a..
DS 2117 Gadget tool
*Multiple bit options *Hex tool *Compass *Lace puller *Multi-directional ratchet Be l..